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Oracle Reading:

You are at a crossroads. You came to the crossroads and then just stopped. I believe you made a commitment to a way of living and then took no action to clear away the debris from your Channel in order to make yourself available to the commitment that you made. You became confused or as you said in your original email, did not not know how to proceed, and then just gave up in a way because you did not know what to do, with your intellectual mind, and then just stopped.

This way of doing things is coming to an end – it’s OVER. When your Intellectual Mind does not know what to do, you must access the Spiritual Mind - and if you have no idea what to do and no one around to guide you, you simply practice Meditation and Prayer - that's the way -

Confusion comes from stopping and not seeking further. Stopping, 2nd guessing yourself, and not making the effort created confusion and your heart is begging you to take action toward your calling!

Really underneath "stopping" is fear - that's just the fact. You said in your original email that you know there is Shadow Work to be done but you did not know how to get to it - but if it was the plumbing in the bathroom sink - and there was a clog in the pipes, you would simply take the pipes apart and figure out the problem, go to the hardware store over and over till you got the right parts and fix it - there would not be "fear" that would make you say "I just don't know what to do" and then you stop...

But doing Spiritual Shadow Work is terrifying because it brings up feelings of "life and death" from childhood - that we just don't like to feel. It is not real "life and death" but in childhood it seemed like "life and death" to us because we were children, dependent on adults and we did not know that we had access to the Spirit to solve our problems for us - so it felt like "life and death" and then we buried the actions, and the ideas in our subconscious and they began to rule us.

When we have to do the work - it is terrifying - unless you have a Guide to help you - that is what I found - our minds have been conditioned by outside hostile forces to both want to get to the bottom of things but also to just distract ourselves from the work we have to we need help to navigate what would otherwise be a rather simple process.

The subconscious speaks in symbolism so we need help in learning how to discover what the symbols mean. There are some archetypal symbols and there are also some that are personal to us.

Again, our minds have been conditioned by "school" and by the "media" through movies, tv, the news, the internet, books, etc away from thinking critically and away from thinking for ourselves - there seems to be a hidden agenda toward narcissism, nihilism and distraction which obfuscates our ancient psychology...

So, sitting in confusion is almost easier than jumping in. Now with the current circumstances, I don't know if "therapists" are even open and personally that way to do the Shadow Work never worked for me - it seemed to obscure it even more...

But your heart is crying out - The Holy Spirit in you - or whatever you want to call it - the God within your heart - I am not attached to religion or religious terms but there are some that make sense to me - Your Calling - your heart's desire which is your greater path that you were supposed to accomplish while you were here on your earth walk are calling out to you to find your path, again - you are yearning and IT is yearning for you - for you to reunite with it...

Auragraph -

Yes, it is the God Pan blowing His flute in your ear! I could not believe it when I saw it! Something stopped you in your tracks – the Shadow Work or the fear of it? He is saying that He needs you in the work – Nature needs you – you are a necessary asset and you are waiting for something that is right in front of you to find… and yes you have work to do.

What is it and how to get at it is your question – there are many ways to do that -

I am going to recommend Prayer and Meditation to start with. You don’t have to worry – I don’t define what “God” is – the Spirit of Nature – or Pan or whatever- you must begin to PRAY and ask for Direction. As I said before, I have a way that I do Shadow Work and I am happy to share that with you – it will basically put you back on track with Natural Law.

What is Natural Law? I am going to change the font color of this article so that you can go back and read it later:

Natural Law:

Universal spiritual laws which govern the consequences of behaviour for
intelligent species; meaning beings that are capable of coming to an understanding of Self /Consciousness, and also capable of understanding the objective difference between harmful and non-harmful behavior towards themselves and other beings.

Natural Law also known as...
Natural Law has had many different names in many different traditions throughout the world in different times in history. Some examples are:

Law of Cause and Effect:

– “Effect invariably follows cause.”
– “For every action, there exists an equal and opposing reaction.”
Law of Attraction
– “The energy you emit is the energy you attract.”
– “Energy flows where attention goes.”

Law of Correspondence
– “As above, so below. As within, so without.”
Karmic Law or Moral Law:
“You reap what you sow.”

Golden Rule:

*– “Do not do to others as you would prefer not to have done onto you.”

– “As you think, feel, and act – so you shall be.”*

Natural Law Transgressions

Harmful Actions:

• Murder / Assault – Ending a life without the right to do so. If a being is killed in the act of somebody defending themselves, it is not murder.
Under no possible circumstance does the “right to murder” or the “right to assault”
exist. However, the right to defend oneself through physical force exists at all times.

• Rape – Coercing the free will of another person, and making them sexually associate
with whom they wish not to.
• Theft – Taking what somebody else has created or acquired through lawful means,
which is their property for as long as they are using it and being responsible for it. You have no right to just take something that does not belong to you.
• Trespass – Every person has the right to set aside a (reasonably sized) space for
themselves. And invading this area without permission or consent would be invading
their privacy and their personal space, while taking away their security in the process.
• Coercion – Forcing somebody through threat of violence to have their will comply
with yours, whether they wish that to be the case or not. Making somebody do
something against their will is not a right.

Although this is already a short and seemingly simple list, all these transgressions can ultimately be narrowed down to just one wrong-doing:** Theft.**

Rights can’t be granted to human beings by other human beings, because rights don’t come from human beings; everybody is born with the exact same rights. Natural law (the difference between right and wrong behavior) always holds true regardless of a population’s belief systems (culture). This means that it doesn’t matter how many people agree that a wrong action can be turned into a right action, or that a right action can be turned into a wrong action. Such things can never be done in reality. People can only believe they can claim such reversals and that this will in some way make it so. Unfortunately, at this moment in time most people do erroneously believe that it is morally possible for some groups of people to create and delegate “rights” which do not exist, or to take away rights which do exist.

When in doubt as to whether an action is, or is not in harmony with natural law, visualize the scenario of a world with only two people. If the behavior is a right or a wrong in that instance, it shall forever remain a right or a wrong in any size population; regardless of how many people may believe otherwise. So, if the action is a right for one person to do toward another, it shall always remain a right. And if the action is a wrong for one person to do toward another, it shall always remain a wrong, regardless of the number of people involved.


A Statist is a person who erroneously believes that there is such a thing as “authority” vested in certain people, giving them the “right” to rule over others. This “authority” means that certain people, who call themselves ‘government,’ have the moral right to issue commands to those whom they rule (those under their jurisdiction), and that their subjects (slaves) have a “moral obligation” to obey the arbitrary dictates (laws) set by their “masters.” Most simply put, a statist is someone who believes in the legitimacy of slavery.


Conversely, an Anarchist is a person that knows there could never be legitimacy to
“authority” or “government” because those terms are simply euphemisms for violence and slavery, which are always immoral and in opposition to natural law.

The word ‘Anarchy’ is derived from the Greek prefix ‘An- (αν-)’ which means ‘Without / the Absence of’ and the Greek noun ‘Archon (αρχων)’ which means ‘Master / Ruler.’

Anarchy does not mean ‘Without rules’ – it literally means ‘Without rulers / Without
masters.’ The only permanent rules that are in place, are the ones of natural law.

No Masters = No Slaves

It seems self-evident that anarchy is the true meaning of freedom, and yet when you ask a person what anarchy means (to them), and what they associate it with, the answer will most likely be: rioting, looting and destroying other people’s property, in one word; chaos. Which is literally the exact opposite of what anarchy truly is.

Natural Law, once you are aligned with it, you become in alignment with the Nature and the Universe and you are always in the right place at the right time and you receive Nature's Gifts. Sure, life still throws curve balls, but you take them in stride and capitalize the Creator's omnipotence.*

Direction for Meditation and Prayer

The solution is that you let the Spirit be the Director of your life, then things will go much better for you, because you will always know what to do because you will be guided by a Power greater than you that has your best interest in mind for the Highest Good of all concerned.

A good place to start would be MEDITATION and PRAYER. Start with a few minutes of silent meditation in the morning and at night - and increase it as you can. You can count backward from 25 and try to see the numbers in your head- this will block other thoughts from coming in. The purpose of meditation is to get out of the ego self and into the observer self so that you are no longer attached to ideas that you believe are real… and you can get into the silence - this does take practice. Yoga can help with this as well. Breathing into your stuck points in your body while doing a stretch can help you find mental silence.

Prayer on the other hand is for throughout the day - and it requires practice to become a working part of your life - Asking at each point when you set out to do something - what is the Creator's Will in this situation?

Pausing and waiting and then looking for the answer in signs or intuition, chance meetings or things that come from outside you to start with ... You can do this with minutia as well as big decisions. Practice at the grocery store when standing in front of the bread isle – there are so many choices - Creator, what kind of bread should I buy? and then pause and wait to see which bread seems right. It takes practice. The finite mind is not going to want to give up it's status as the ruler - so it might be confusing and frustrating but the more you practice the more it will become a working part of the mind...

Even making mistakes shows you are trying and you will get great rewards
from that -

Acknowledging these synchromysticisms - by writing them down - makes them more and more believable - not something to be brushed off as "coincidence" - or not even noticed -

In addition, during this "crisis" we are in - you could Pray for a simple way you could be helpful to others - and for the ability to let go of the results - you do not know what is best for others - but you
can be helpful to them in some way -

This will get you out of yourself and let the Higher Power have a chance to work out the right decision for you - so that you will know what to do when you need to know it…

The Power is available to everyone and it does not care how you seek it – even the Dark Occultists are using this power now, as we speak to push their agenda through – and as they are so much more united than we, the Universe is recognizing their unity and they are getting their way – so it does not matter what you call it our how you call it – just that you DO.

The Procrastination must end – because you are one of the Stewards of the Earth and you need to get moving. There is no time to lose. Negative forces would have you continue to procrastinate because then you are not out there fighting the good fight – the reason we are all here now on the earth – to do what we came here to do.

I made this talisman for you:


I am led by my Higher Self to the obstacle in my path and the solution to it’s speedy removal.

You can either just find the ** shadow work** using meditation and prayer and the talisman, or I can give you the instructions for what I do or both – it’s up to you.


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