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I discovered this weekend through a post from @phoenixwren - and what a cool place that is! It's a barter skill share site with it's own currency (not crypto) that you can get paid in so like a time-bank you can buy services of others - there is a lot of cool stuff on there! And people from my area - as well as all over the world. Very nice.

In addition, I moved out of my rote action of giving her the Natural Law lesson. It simply was not appropriate this time - not sure why. I may have to revamp all that - but this time I opened the Akashic Records and did channeled writing from them - as I have done in the past but not for a very long time. I defer authority to them, and it did not feel right to give her all that information. I don't know.

Oracle Reading:

Screenshot at 20200927 001130.png

You are a Free Spirit. You have been loyal to your Higher calling and for that reason you have enough. Your calling is about service to others and the earth. You are on your right path.


The setting is such that you are to imagine yourself In the picture – stage right is the Sun as a sunflower behind you – your demeanor is that of a sunflower bringing joy and light to all you meet. The moon is also in the sky, stage left.

The presence of both the sun and the moon in the sky represents the Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity: “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has Its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.“–The Kybalion.

It is possible to use Mental Transmutation which is Hermetic Alchemy, to rise above negative feelings and thoughts – it is called the Law of Neutralization. So that if you find yourself feeling down, know that everything has 2 poles and you can, using thought and prayer, repetitive mantra, raise your vibration UP to the opposite pole of thought. This is something you can look into more if you like – I won’t go into detail about it here, but because it comes up in this reading, it is something for you to look into. The Kybalion, by the 3 Initiates goes into great detail about these Laws and about mental transmutation.

The reflection of the sun and moon in the water below represent the Law of Correspondence…

As above, so below; as within so without … and the microcosm is the macrocosm – it’s a fractal universe. What this is saying with regards to this reading is that every little thing you do in your life effects the World.

You are a faun-nymph in the drawing and you are cradled in the arms of your Guardian, which is Gaia, the Mother. She holds you loosely, channeling her energy into your heart. You feel safe and strong in her embrace. Both of your eyes are raised – meaning that you look to the Creator as Source. Your long hair represents your strong connection to Intuition as the strongest force for motivation in your being. You nimbly walk naked and vulnerable through the river by the 3 mountains. The middle mountain, emotions, penetrates your right under thigh, meaning that vulnerability is your strength. The infinity symbol in the hands of Gaia, represents Karma. Many times around the wheel have brought you to this point.

The heart above your Guardian’s left shoulder – represents carrying the love of the Natural world on your shoulders – not in a negative sense – during these times that can be a double edged sword, but to keep in mind that Nature prevails. Species are but expressions of Nature and they come and go. We become attached to them – we do not know the Higher Plan. Yes if only we as a species were not as we are, but we are, so we have to accept that... this is where we are now – and so we must do our best, but not take on too much of the burden on our shoulders alone. We are carrying the weight of all those who are still asleep during this end of this round through the Equinoxes. Gaia needs our love, pure and simple. Nature will take care of the rest.

This part of the reading was channeled:

As is shown in the Auragraph, your soul essence speaks through Nature and so you must go to the forest and river to receive your profound messages. Look for a fish jumping out of water preceding information that you must take note of. It is a sign and it may be not literal – you may see the fish jumping out of water anywhere – but when you see it take note.

In addition, use the 4-point coning sessions of Michelle Small-Wright (found for free through Theresa Crabtree adapted to your own way to speak to Nature Spirits to find direction and create an intimate space between you and the earth you inhabit – it will help you now during these very challenging times. You are being called to stand for Gaia – and you must do everything in your Power to align yourself to be strong in life and God and the Natural World and listen to the Still Small Voice Within.

The Mountains are the Trinity – thoughts>emotions>actions … The Fish comes up from deep intuitive feeling.

The 10 beads: 1 + 0 = 9; God is 0 and man is 1. 9 is The ALL. 1 + 0 is the attempt by the dark force to master Nature for it’s purpose, so you work with 0-9. which equals 10 numbers which is 01 – God first, then man.

You juggle the beads between your hands – as a show for onlookers – let them bear witness to the Power of the Creator through your actions.

Left foot is the stabilizer in the subconscious. Right foot forward as it should be. Polarity – It is darkest before the dawn because of the presence of so much Light – which you can’t see – as in the 3 days of darkness before the Ascension. Darkness is an illusion.

Imagine yourself as the girl in the picture – feel the power of it.

Talisman: Divine Intelligence speaks to me moment-to moment in signs and symbols leading and keeping me on my path.


Mark Passio, podcasts 1-225, in order.

Mark Passio's Natural Law Seminar at Yale University.
Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition, book.
Micheal Gleeson’s Paper on Natural Law, download from my website
The Trivium,

Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception, Max Heindel (free pdf online)
The Kybalion, by the 3 Initiates (free pdf online)
The Kybalion, A New Interpretation, Doreen Virtue
Green Language: The Language of the Birds:
Mark Passio on Green Language
The 7-Day Mental Diet, by Emmet Fox (free pdf online)
The Hidden Way Across The Threshold, J.C. Street
Hermeticism and Alchemy

Opening the Akashic Records, Maureen St. Germain

Divine Intelligence speaks to me moment-to moment in signs and symbols leading and keeping me on my path.



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