Auragraph for An Intuiitve Healer

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Oracle Reading:


The first principle of Natural Law – is that the All is Mental – the basis of these principles is that everything that happens first has occurred in the Mind of the Creator – and since beings who have the capacity to know right from wrong, were originally created in the image of the Creator of the Universe – we too have this power to utilize… to change our thinking through effort and practice, not allow negative thoughts, to use prayer, meditation, imagination, visualization. We do have the “delay” here on Earth, but that is where faith comes in – we have faith that we are creating even though we may not see the results immediately with our eyes.

The Law of Polarity - “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has Its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.“–The Kybalion.

It is possible to use Mental Transmutation which is Hermetic Alchemy, to rise above negative feelings and thoughts – it is called the Law of Neutralization. So that if you find yourself feeling down, know that everything has 2 poles and you can, using thought and prayer, repetitive mantra, raise your vibration UP to the opposite pole of thought. Duality is an Earth illusion. Bring your vibration up to the Oneness in the ALL.

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you...does not always feel good. You would prefer others to be honest and tell you the Truth rather than save your feelings while letting you float toward extinction. Say what you mean but don’t say it mean – we must tell the the Truth now but we can say it with kindness and challenge each other to rise to the occasion. We must not bury our heads in the sand. We must go to God for the courage to be strong and free.

The reading is asking you to raise the bar – to push the limits – and to move forward into an even higher level of Truth. It is also asking you to utilize the Laws more deeply in your practice with others. The old way of doing things is ending and a new way is being born. This is both a burden and your gift – your path.
Auragraph: There is your Higher Self cradling you. Your Higher Self uses this hand pattern to call forth more information. A language of light…

It is suggested that you look deeply into that which you think you know for that which you do not know – using this hand pattern in the moment of question it will emit the light language you need in the moment.

You are to see yourself as you are in the drawing – Sun at your back high in the sky, about 10am, cradled in the loving arms of your Higher Self, the crescent moon at your feet… we are viewing you from the dark side of the crescent moon in deep space, looking back at you.

The Law of Polarity demonstrated when both the Light and The Reflected Light are present at the same time – showing the illusion of the idea that it is darkest before the dawn – only so because the Light is present, making the dark seem darker…

Your Higher Self uses her left hand to spin this shape and from it comes a new dimension of information through her for divine use now. You need all the power from the spiritual realms now in this battle.

The new information flows into an infinity symbol below the moon. This suggests repeat the process into infinity.

But those of you here now are chosen for a reason. You are contributing your part to the high vibrations – the yarn that is emitted from the spinning of this symbol is made of gold and it is that golden web of light that you can see even with the naked eye sometimes usually when looking at a white wall.

Below the moon the 7 stars which make up the original 7 of our galaxy, with Saturn at the end of visual sight. Also 7 principles in the Kybalion.

It is time for the human children to try to put the Laws of the Kybalion into practice. There are many people doing so within reach now...scalar technology is the Law of Vibration. But so is singing and humming. One need not spend a lot of money to enact these laws. As Above So Below, they exist within reach of every being. Think of the Grasshopper – he uses vibration to make sound through rubbing his legs.

From the right to the left, your calling, winged heart, flies to be replenished in the feminine principle– the sun burns away the clouds of confusion and above is an eagle messenger from the sun/son to the highest point in the image. The All is mental but what does this actually mean in application?

Ponder that idea in prayer time for yourself and you will find new ways to bring it into manifestation.

Humanity is in a spiritual war between the dark occult and the Light. The Light will always win but will humanity survive this time in the battle? It’s one more turn around the wheel – Beginnings and endings.

Spiritual Burden – your gift is also your burden because at this time you must now tell the hard Truth.


This is the talisman I suggest:
I am one with God, duality is an illusion.

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