Feedback, Reviews, and Reality Check on Auragraphs, Oracle Readings Up To This Point

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Sigil states: We have a healthy and abundant spiritual community

I made this sigil above for the person who I did the reading for that does not like the reading - my "friend' -

I received some "negative" feedback about my reading from this gal in who's reading she said I was "condesending" and we are meeting for lunch tomorrow so that she can tell me how to make them better. More palpable...

I was very submissive to her criticism - and I was also in a weird state because I always tend to forget the good and I focus on the negative - even though I have been working hard for a long time to focus on the positive in life, my natural tendency is to be "wrong" - be the "error". This is childhood stuff. The crap we learn during brain development is a stubborn stain - one that we may always have to work hard at. this is her reading.

This person is my "friend" in a sort of a way. No she is an acquaintance actually. I met her on Craigslist about a year ago because she is putting together a website for healers... and she and I have been working together on it for a while.

I have been making sigils for her - to help it along... I invited her to the Mastermind we do on Sundays to pray together. She came for a while and then quit. This is because, I believe, she is not that interested in God and prayer - she wants to do things herself. That was one of her criticisms of the reading...

She is a New Ager - she has been to India a few times to do yoga stuff. And she is particularly upset right now - and took the reading to be about - this elderly client who is "mean". She has asked to be reassigned because the woman "is toxic".

This is always a red flag for me when people I know say that they need to "get away from toxic people". I will write a post about this later.

What I have to realize is that in this case, I offered to give her a reading for marketing purposes - she did not ask for one. This is also a very important qualification- possible for a later post.

I did not hold back either - I read her like I would anyone else.

As I consider her feedback - and she is taking me to lunch on tomorrow so that I can hear her point of view on the reading more. I honestly will hear her out because it might produce some new ideas or ways to advance the work...but

I am really glad that I stayed up till 1am doing this post - because it is showing me that my acquaintance is naive and has a long way to go on her path. She can buy me lunch and tell me how I need to tell people that they are "a child of God" and that they are a "divine being" and that this situation is only "temporary" but - I don't think I am going to take her advice...

First of all, this situation is not temporary - unless people get a clue and start to live by Natural Law and use their Inner Compass instead of their "will" the world is going in to deeper slavery.



I did this one first for a guy on steemit back in February - and he raved about it! He loved it - I remember that - yes - he was blown away...
Screenshot_20200630 SteemPeak.png

Screenshot_20200630 SteemPeak1.png

bia.jpeg "here is a direct quote:
Screenshot_20200630 SteemPeak2.png



Screenshot_20200630 Free Auragraph For A Steemian, With Sigil SteemPeak1.png

I try to practice what I preach regarding money - honestly - I would rather be free to tell the truth and have people never talk to me again than for me to compromise just for a few dollars and a few friends. My ego just wants me to make money but the experience I get from doing these is incomparable to what I could get for money - Mon-Eye - one-eye - the fake green paper proxy for connection...


Another gal from here in my neighborhood really liked hers and she gave me some herbal remedies in trade for it. This gal did not believe in the cv and she was not wearing a mask when I met with her - I thought we might have even become friends, but I was still too injured at the time to meet with her and go for a walk around the open space area - so she just faded away... -

vicky.jpeg This girl bought one of my digital download sigils from Etsy and gave me a glowing review.

This guy also gave me a glowing review - sent me an email that praised the effort.

This gal, I remember - she loved the reading and the sigil! It was a great experience for her - she had a wanted to "daily I think about my future and what to do next. I feel a need to follow my passion, but I have yet to pinpoint what my passion is. I want to build an earthship and live in the mountains, I want to have a vegetable farm, I want to learn to dance and sing and perform, I want to be a stand up comedian, I want to study physics, I want to be a massage therapist, yoga instuctor, artist, writer....I want to help others, I want to make a difference in the world. Basically, I have several interests but when it comes to pursuing them I feel paralyzed, I don't want to make the wrong choice. I would be starting from scratch which feels daunting. I feel a need to be great at something but I don't know what that something is" - this one was very gratifying because I was able to give her the suggestion to simply live one day at a time, and a sigil which would lead her to her perfect was a great experience...I was direct with her and did not pull any punches...


This one was also a great experience - you can see how they have evolved - this one was the first one where I used the Threshold Filter in GIMP to produce a line drawing for them to color in...this woman gave me a great review - offered to put my add out on her facebook page to get her friends to take me up on my offer and she lives nearby - again I was blunt with her - and told her directly what I thought -

don.sali.jpeg.jpeg this gentleman sent me my first donation! I talked to him recently and he had moved from a remote cabin where he had been living for years to a new house and his work had taken a turn - the Talisman - of course I attribute it to the talisman, but who knows if he activated it? I don't know. But he loved the process and the work - it was a great experience working with him.

This guy loved his also - I really hit him hard because he was wallowing in self-pity over his mother's death and he was attracting a lot of negative spirits to him - but the dog showed up in the reading and he was blown away because a dog had showed up right when his mom died to help him through the grief - the dog was in the oracle reading and in the drawing - as you can see - and the thing is because these are FREE or by donation, I just tell the truth - so if they don't like it - oh fuckin well - but if they do - well it's always one of these eerie miracles that is a real shocker - the dog shows up and he sends me a picture of the dog and she's a white - short-haired healer mix, just like in the picture.



This was one of the most difficult experiences I have ever had because this guy wanted to know if he had been molested as a kid - and I just had to jump in and go for it. He and I talked extensively over several weeks - he lives in upstate NY where I used to live and it was during the lockdown - it turned out that his wife was cheating and was a serial cheater and because of this molestation he was just so damaged from it - but we had an extremely meaningful exchange and I sent him to my old therapist - maybe he actually went - he actually sent me an email a few weeks ago to see how I was doing - I did not ask - because I did not want to push him - but he actually seemed to see that his marriage was over - I don't know - but it was truly an amazing experience for me...


tomshif.jpeg This guy is a nature intuitive - he talks to animals - and I guessed it - from the drawing - he lost his career as a result of the lockdown and was stuck and did not know what to do - but he lives in the woods so I told him to go talk to the animals - and he did - totally accurate as well and gave me a donation - it was pretty amazing to know that he is an animal intuitive - and the auragraph said so! - he sent me a donation as well!

peakchic.jpeg This person did give me positive feedback that it was accurate - that helped a lot - this was also via peakd - and this was one of the team who does @naturalmedicine - the weird thing about this one was that I thought it was one person, and it turned out to be another person and yet the drawing was accurate - even though I thought I knew who I was writing to - and I did not...

juana.jpeg this is a direct quote of her feedback for me
"I am very thankful to you and your amazing gift. Your magical talent has brought peace to my heart and mind, wich was filled with anxieties. I am a believer that it was destined for this experience to take place. "Divine Love is doing It's perfect work in my life now and all is well".

joe.jpeg This guy did give me feedback that the reading was totally accurate - but I was not specific with him as I had been with the previous 2 regarding what his "bad habits" were - I realized I have no idea... I need to stay out of that and let them figure that one out for themselves.
walrus.jpeg This person contacted me for help finding all the letters in the Talisman so I am pretty sure that is a good indicator that it was accurate ...and this was one of those ones that was too weird because of the walrus - I saw the walrus in the drawing and I was like "that can't be right" but then because it was FREE or by donation - I just was like - ok - what the heck! And I went for it.

dyina.jpeg This person responded with a very grateful email - but I felt like I totally did not get a good reading on her at all from her response - she seemed to not at all be in touch with her abilities - that of course might be true - she has abilities but is not in touch with them - the reading was calling her to get in touch with them - but that doesn't means she will - I feel like sometimes I am just planting a seed
phoenix.jpeg This person contacted me as a Yoruba Healer - wanting to give me the "sigil" for** the "covid-19" spirit** so that I could transmute it. I declined. I do not work with negative spirits at all. But I did this reading for her - and she was in awe of my gift! I felt like that one came from God - like she needed a reading -

A Review - at #40
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This woman contacted me and told me the reading was totally wrong. I had no idea what to make of that - basically I read it as an external reading when it should have been an internal reading - Again I was glad it was FREE...

so I did this for her instead 3 sigils of her choosing in one drawing - She is a tarot card reader, so she was very understanding. I never heard from her again regarding the sigils.

elina.jpeg is a reader and she liked the experience and bought some sigils of mine off of etsy...

It was right at this point that I took some time off - I needed a break - I was totally depleted... so I got this great healing done from this woman in India ...
She admonished me for giving Reiki away for free- which I am not doing really but she told me that I have to do Reiki on myself if I am going to be giving Reiki and she gave me this incredible meditation to do that has kept my vibration up ever since - wow! Here is a link to the meditation - there is nothing like this...
Ever since, I am totally better than ever before. She is a great healer!

melissa.jpeg This woman did contact me and was interested in the material I presented and was very gracious and nice and responsive. She said she had never encountered information like this before and that she was going to take it very seriously and follow all my links and learn - that's good feedback!
amelia.jpeg this women is an acupuncturist in New Rochelle, NY which was one of the epicenters of the scamdemic b.s. - she did email me back and thank me for the reading...
This woman was one of the ones who was blown away - I remember she told me that she could not believe that I had known and that the sigil was spot-on - "Absolutely mind blowing, thank you so much!! You are amazing ❣️"

newyork.jpeg She did reply and said it was very interesting reading...and that the material was a "good read" - which coming from a New York City-ite is a compliment, I think.
lnida.jpeg This was a crazy story - my prayer partner and I prayed for her because she emailed me that she was in a total state of paranoia - and I gave her direction to pray all day everyday and I believe she took the direction but then she took credit for the direction she received because she said God did not answer her prayers and yet she was out of the tailspin and was given clear direction that she followed to get her affairs in order and make plans to get away from him. I checked in with her a few times and told her that I felt she had heavy abuse issues buried from childhood as she had been married previously to an abuser and to a cheater - but she would not look.
adrienne.jpeg This one did write me and told me it was accurate...but that she was mourning - it sounded like from the scamdemic -

trish.jpeg This woman said it was accurate and she was drawing the auragraph of the screen because she didn't have a printer but interupted by some circumstances - I hope she did the sigil ...and was going to write more to me but has not

This girl is in her 20s - she sent me this picture of the auragraph colored in - she said the Witches hat caught her attention because she had just decided she is a witch - I had had a bit of a hard time with the witches hat but again - because it was FREE I just went with it - and it was accurate again!!! She actually called me on the phone and email, but the time when I talked to her I was on my way somewhere and did not have time to talk - I have since tried to make arrangements with he but she has not called me since and I don't want to intrude - she had sexual abuse issues - and I could have helped her work through them but I am not going to push her.
wish.jpeg This gal made a donation - said it was accurate and loved the reading and wanted to buy the drawing but she wanted me to mail it to her - so the fact that after I did 6 hours of work for her and she made a small donation I was going to have to go to the post office with a mask on and all that - I told her we would have to do the exchange another way. She may drive through Denver or I might meet a gal from Oakland in July and give it to her to take back there.
I am going to share the direct quote

"I wanted to send a message to you to let you know that what you have done for me: ....I'm touched by it all. Thank you so very much. You may or may not know why this means so much for me at the moment. Your reading and the auragraph really stunned me. I showed my mother, and she was just as shocked...

I'm still digesting all the material and looking into all the recommended readings, videos, and other material. I will send another message, once I've fully processed it. But I couldn't wait to say a heartfelt thank you.

Thank you....


The one from tonite emailed me just now and asked for a different talisman - she did not mention the reading at all - but she is depressed she said - which makes sense - given the reading so she and I will talk tomorrow.

So 32 people responded out of 76 which I have done since February that's just under half. It is 42.11%! Of the remaining 57.89%, an unknown percentage of people got caught up with something else and did not respond and then an unknown percent hated the reading.

I would say that is excellent feedback. I am not worried. My problem, I will admit, is the money. I want money for my work, but what I know to be true is that may not be God's will for me with regard to my work. It might be about selfless service and trusting that God will provide some other way.**

I am also considering offering 50% donation to Dream Catchers Equine Rescue in Fountain, Colorado - I love these people and they operate on donation and boarding. I went to visit them and saw the whole operation and met the woman who runs it - she is wonderful. She is the one who convinced me to try CBD oil for my sciatica - A genuine person.

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That is an amazing post - seeing so much of your art all in one post is really something

thank you so much!!! Yea wait for the rant I post tomorrow after I meet with her, but again thank you for the supportive comment!

That is a lot of beautiful auragraphs you have done! And 42% feedback on them - that is good to have for growth to take place even the negative ones which can help you improve!
Thanks for sharing some of the collection of your auragraphs!

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