Beans, Greens & Spuds {The Market Returns for 2020!}

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Guess who is a happy market customer again? This gal! I know I talk about the farmers market ALL. THE. TIME. I just can't help myself, though. The bounty of food that can be grown in a little bit of dirt never ceases to amaze me. I just saw someone comment on the market Facebook page the other day "how is there anything growing in January?" Well, let me just show you a tiny portion of what is in season...

The greens like kale, tatsoi, and chard are dynamite right now. All the crucifers can still be found in abundance...Brussels, broccoli, cauliflower and kohlrabi are all around. There are still some sweet potatoes to brighten up the haul, along with all kinds of radishes and turnips. The bakers never stop bringing the fresh goods, so I couldn't help but grab some fresh sourdough, as well. The more I buy at the market, the less I have to spend in the grocery store.

Though I did have to laugh that I missed a Brussels sprout in my reusable produce bag and found it when I was going to grab a few pantry items from the store. Little guy was trying to make a run for it. Luckily I found it before it started to rot in the bag and stink up my car! I had a peach from one of our picking endeavors this past year get lost in the back of the car so long it actually just petrified so I never smelled anything off. My mother wasn't so lucky with a watermelon one would never think a watermelon could smell as bad as that one did!

After procuring all of my delicious goodies, I got to work on my usual Sunday cooking. There's not much that beats a good baked potato in my book, so one of the items on the menu was baking my sweet potatoes and putting together some yummy toppers to make them into a meal.

You can never go wrong with the healthy combination of fiber and protein-rich beans and greens! I cooked sliced onions until they were nice and caramelized before adding in pre-cooked beans from my freezer stores and a sprinkling of fajita seasoning for flavor. To finish it off I wilted some of the lovely curly kale fresh from the market and tossed in a splash of liquid aminos for umami and moisture.

To complete my bowl with a fresh element I resorted to an old favorite--slaw. I shredded this gorgeous (and deliciously crisp and sweet) kohlrabi and daikon to mix together with fresh lime juice, zest and a pinch of cayenne. So simple, but my goodness I can eat a whole bowl! I love a shredded slaw as an excellent way to add in raw veggies to just about any meal. If you struggle with getting enough vegetables into your day, try shredding them before adding to your meals to see if you can't just up your portions in a very manageable way.

For such a simple meal, boy did it pack a punch all together! The sweet roasted sweet potato was the perfect bed for the savory beans and tangy slaw. Just a bit of heat from the spices balanced out well with the sweetness of some of the veggies. Good thing it's almost lunch time here again so I can enjoy the leftovers!

I've got plenty more on the menu for the week to put to good use all my yummy produce, but perhaps I'll get another chance to share later in the week. Until then it's time to get to work polishing off my last bit of information to share at my upcoming event! I have a lot of interest for attendance, so I am really looking forward to helping motivate more people continue their journey to good health and nutrition. As a reminder for some of my local Atlanta folks, here's the basic info below. If you have any questions about attending, please feel free to reach out and ask!

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You have been 🙏 curated by @njord

Many thanks @njord!

Fantastic lunch treat for real food lovers - simply yummy

This looks so good!!
I have a few jars with lentilles aswell :D

Thanks so much! Lentils really are so wonderful and versatile!

Those lovely winter vegetables! Brussels sprouts - I love them and we rarely get them. Growing them is difficult - they are slow and yield is well, just not worth it.

I need to learn about kholrabi. Oh, I made a version of vichysoisse for Sunday Supper with caremelised leeks and cauliflower this week. Served at room temperature, and sprinkled with grated nutmeg. It was very well received. Recipe's on the "leeky" list...

Now that you've whet my appetite, it's time to get to the kitchen.

Each season really has its own gems from the Earth. I think as each new season starts I always think "oh, this season really is my favourite", but then it passes and I find "new" faves that I had missed while they were out of season. :)

That vichysoisse sounds lovely! Coincidentally, I couldn't help but order some giant kohlrabi to try in the garden. We grew some normal size this past year and they turned out well, but this other variety is supposed to be tender and sweet no matter how big it gets. Apparently the more common variety can get woody if you let it grow too large. Always fun to experiment with new things and have fun playing in the dirt!


kohlrabi is one of my absolute favourites - baked or raw in a salad. Love it.

Wow! That looks so interesting. After our IG chat last night, I also have to think a little differently about turnips. Both The Husband and I were force-fed them as children so they tend to be shunned. Perhaps I need to give them a "grown-up" go. Cooked differently as opposed to the mother's death boil.

You know, I think that's why I love seasons: the variety of different dishes and cooking styles that go with them. Love salads, but equally, love the roasts and the slow cooks.

I upvote and 100% agree
that vegan is the way to be.

Thanks @julianhorack! In my 7th year plant-based and thriving more and more each year!

Sure am glad you said “this gal” cuz I was stumped!

We know we’re far from technology’s peak because we’ve yet to reach the point where you can text message discord message me a bowl (no, not the strain), of crucifiers. Weird—my autocorrect had “crucifixes.” 🤔

Hi, Aunt Plants!

The power of plants compels you! 😂

We've got the cruciferous veggies out the wazoo here lately, so I would send you a bucket-load via message if I could! Just finished a yummy shredded Brussels salad for my lunch appetizer now.

Been a minute, so nice to say hello! Hope all is going well on the healing wagon on your end! Sending some of my good gut health juju that way. 😜 And hoping you're not shivering too much in your soggy winter abode....

Can't you be my fairy shop mother and when I wake up and go to my pantry it should look like this?

Haha, well I do love food shopping and cooking, so I would happily fill yours up, as well. ;)

Sounds like a business opportunity in the making, plantstoplanks pantry here we come

And to try to be diligent in my Steem-sharing on other social media, my Twitter post to support #posh!

Looking so healthy and yummy!

So glad you like my combination. I had a feeling you would enjoy the sweet potatoes in there. ;)

It is so amazing to be in touch with someone as well versed in vegan cooking as yourself as I’m always looking to cut down on my meat consumption. What a feast for the eyes all your vegetables are, I can imagine the lively energy at that Farmers Market. Beautiful post!

Oh you would love the market! I am blessed with such a wonderful community of farmers. They have definitely inspired me to continue improving my skills in the kitchen to showcase their wonderful fruits and veggies. Doesn't take much when you have the most beautiful muses to work with. :)

The fruits and veg are your muses?

Absolutely! I never cease to be amazed by the natural beauty of each item. Even if it is the most mundane head of broccoli, the fact that it was so recently plucked from the Earth and brought to the market amazes me every time. My boyfriend and I keep working on our gardening skills as that amazement is tripled when pulling something out of your own soil!

Looks so healthy and tasty :)

Yes on both parts. I would happily send you a celebratory bowl. ;)


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Much appreciated @rozku! Wish I could send a bowl over to you. :)

:) oh, I wish! 💚

Wow Katie, you are going to make me jealous! The veggies you always get at your Fame's Market is amazing! You know, I can't complain about out our supermarkets here, but they just cannot measure up, lol. Oh well! Besides, the food you create out all that bounty is a feast for the eyes and the body 💚🌿💚

Sorry, not sorry, haha. I know you would just love visiting the market with me and meeting some of these farmers in person. I actually just decided that for my next nutrition event in the spring I'm finally going to do a farmers market tour to encourage some folks to finally go check it out. I know some people need a little nudge to go, but once they do they'll be hooked!

That is a brilliant idea Katie! I have no doubt it will work!!!

That is a brilliant
Idea Katie! I have
No doubt it will work!!!

                 - lenasveganliving

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Lovely delicacy 💯

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Thank you!

@plantstoplanks, you're always so creative with the assortment of veggies you put in each dish. I love sweet potatoes and the dish that will top the potato looks like a great combo.
I don't understand why everyone doesn't use reusable grocery bags. We all know the harm plastics do to our environment, and every time I see someone packing twenty plastic bags full of groceries I always cringe. Besides, what is contained in those 20 plastic bags could fit in 5 reusable bags. They are also much easier to handle. Tractor supply by us has them on sale every so often and they only go for .99 cents.
Anyone attending your class, Winter Taste and Learn: Plant-Based Protein, is in for a treat.

The bags really are everywhere anymore! Both the big grocery bags and now the smaller produce bags that I love, too. I just leave a bunch in my car so I always have some handy. I totally agree with you that they fit so much more, too. Builds up the old biceps to try to carry them out with no shopping cart, too, haha!

I'm getting quite excited for the event! Looking to be a good turnout, so I'm working my hardest on finishing up all my prep work to make it a worthwhile and informative affair. I'll keep you posted once it's all done with my recap. :)

Looking forward to your review, I'm sure @plantstoplanks will knock it out of the park! 👍