Peanut Butter Coconut Curry with Cummin Chapatis

We're cleaning out our cupboards ready to go off for 8 months. If you'd like a half empty jar of lime pickle or a quarter jar of peanut butter, you're more than welcome to come get it. It's kinda fun - I'm being creative with my dinners because I'm using up ingredients as per what we have rather than a shopping list to follow a craving whim. Plus, we're broke, so we are old mother hubbarding it.

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To get her poor dog a bone;
But when she got there,
The cupboard was bare,
And so the poor dog had none

Todays' dish was inspired by our upcoming travels to India I suppose, as I had a sudden craving for chapati, and a few kilos of biodynamic flour to use up.

Peanut Butter Coconut Curry with Cummin Chapatis

The curry was designed to use up half a jar of homemade gado gado, which I make by blending coconut milk, maple syrup, sriarcha and lemon juice - but you could use ordinary peanut butter. It is such a good vegetarian or vegan staple to add a bit of extra protein and fat. I had three quarters of a can of coconut milk left over from making gado gado, so was pleased to use this up without wasting it as well.

I haven't made chapatis in years, so was pleased to nail it the first time. There's a few tricks I've learnt about chapatis and I was pretty happy to have them all come together quite well. One trick is to roll them out into a circle, then fold origami like (say, like an envelope or a nappy) and then re-roll, with a smear of olive oil between the layers. This makes for the lovely flakiness and softness a good chapati has. Another trick is to really knead the dough well so it's silky and soft. I fried mine in a cast iron skillet with olive oil and cummin seeds.


One thing I will never run out of is cummin seeds - I just adore their taste and love them on chapatis. I have a huge, huge bag of them that'll last me til doomsday! Did you know they're rich in iron? No suprise my body asks me to double the amount of cummin I put in any recipe. If it asks for a pinch, I'll put in three cups. Okay okay, that's maybe exagerrating, but I think it expresses how much I love it. It's also excellent for digestion and - this is new to me - may also restrict the growth of infectious bacteria which could help reduce food borne illnesses. Spice it up baby - sooo good for you!

Peanut Butter Coconut Curry

1 handful of green beans
1 onion or spring onion
Tbsp each cummin, cummin seeds, turmeric and ground coriander
1 can coconut milk
2 - 3 tbsps of peanut butter
1 tomato
2 small potatoes
1 cup of water.

Saute the onion and spices in olive oil until fragrant. Add veggies and saute to coat with spices. Add the rest of the ingredients. Simmer until soft. Serve with chapatis and lime pickle and optional garnish of toasted coconut.

Do you have a secret chapati tip?

Ever tried peanut butter in curries?

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Oh.. this recipe I think I save!

Cummin capati wooaaahhhh sounds sexy 😂

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Hey Skra - happy new year! Why are you using Partiko still? I'm on Esteem now, I do like it more and at least it gives me notifications! xx

hey hey, oh I dunno, last time I tried esteem months ago I hated it.. It was so clunky and terrible IMHO..

I only very rarely comment these days and I can keep up with my activities... Plus I gotta get those partiko points, and I've grown accustomed to their insightful comments on my posts..

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Hmmmmnnnnnn Lime pickle and peanut butter...??? Sounds like an interestingly, unappetizing combination, but who knows, sometimes what seems weird may actually taste pretty good :>)

I know right? I would never have thought of peanut butter in a curry, but I had one out one day and thought - hmmm!! Not bad! It's actually not 'nutty' in the way you'd think, not as if you're eating peanut butter or anything haha!!!

I've heard that some Mexican people put peanut butter in Chili, along with turmeric. Maybe it isn't the same thing as what Americans consider Chili, or maybe someone just lied to me as a joke??? I tried it, and it wasn't bad at all though.

I think there's a whole other world we don't quite understand -- let's share our peanut butter stories.

Peanut butter and vegemite is seriously FUBAR though. My bestie did it the other day and you should have heard my earth shattering scream.

Eewwwwww peanut butter n mayo sammiches are a thing in the southern USA..

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Peanut butter and Mayo!?!?!?!? Barrrrffffffffff…….

Yeah I stayed very stoned many years, but never got those munchies.. Seems like a quality post opportunity tho.. Perhaps a crunchy peanut butter n light spread of mayo could be decent?

Seems like a quality post opportunity tho.. Perhaps a crunchy peanut butter n light spread of mayo could be decent?

I agree… Go for it brudda... You have my vote :>)

I've actually done shelled peanuts in a vegan chili and it was amazing! They added a great texture to the final product. Might have to try the peanut butter, though... ;)

:>) Thank goodness you had the foresight to shell those peanuts first....

😂 Haha, after a few years of sharing recipes on my blog, I tend to try to be very thorough otherwise there's always that one person who takes your instructions too literally.

always that one person who takes your instructions too literally.

Yes...or perhaps we omit a little detail that we think is obvious; like the time a friend called me for details about breaded fried chicken...

Seems she had a new boyfriend that she had invited over for a home cooked meal, but was not much experienced in the kitchen beyond frozen dinners in the microwave.

I didn't think that I needed to tell her to cut the chicken up prior to breading it and sticking it into the pan... She didn't...and, the result was kind of disastrously, funny.

You say peanut butter and I come running! I think potatoes have slightly edged it out for my official "desert island food", but peanut butter has had the top spot for most of my life. I have a German friend who used to make fun of me for how much Americans love their peanut butter. Then I watched her eat half a bag of mini Reese's cups not long after. Needless to say she's come over the the dark...errr...sticky side. ;) I love a good peanut sauce for a stir fry, but I can't recall if I've used it in a curry. Pantry meals always come out so amazing! It forces you to be creative and you end up coming up with something totally banging like this. That chapati, though, dang. Drooling.

Yum @riverflows, looks and sounds amazing! I just love anything spicy but have never thought of adding peanut butter, can imagine it would work though! Cumin is a must have in my pantry too!

Cummin is great with fried tomatoes and fresh coriander.. or tempeh.. tagine... Mexican... anything! I love it! Thanks for stopping by.

I never made chapati, but I am going to for sure! I love Indian food and this is just what is missing every time I make it!!! Besides, everything you made sounds delicious. Often we are most creative when our pantry is almost empty 💚🌿💚


They were heaps of fun to make! Lots of YouTube videos better than standard recipes for sure. Let me know how they turn out!

I will for sure 😊

yum I do love lime pickle. Never put peanut butter in a curry but I do add it in my bhaji recipe which has curry powder in it and they are delicious. I have to try making chapatis one day xxxx

Oh wow I want that bhaji recipe.. sounds yum!

I have never even thought of peanut butter in curries!!
And your chapati sounds great

Where do you go for 8 months?

India, Europe! Can't wait!

How cool is that!!
Have a great trip :D

This sounds like heaven. I’m going to make it. Have never tackled chapatis, but my hour may have come! Thanks for posting!

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR STAR AWARD DEAR @riverflows, for this highly curated entry with exceptional quality content. Keep up the great job 😊