Water Bottle Tincture Hack.

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I've been pouring a few tinctures today and I wanted to share my technique for pouring tinctures without spilling any. Of course the art of pouring without spilling take patience and practice with any method: But this makes it much easier.

All you have to do is buy a few plastic water bottles with a screw top for big plastic straws. You can find these for a dollar or two at a Thrift Store or even a bike shop. They are very popular.

Of course the size is the key, as with any tool. It helps to buy the glass tinctures ahead of time and size them to the top of the water bottle lid before you buy them.

You can see from this picture that the tincture bottle is a tight seal to the water bottle lid. The two objects are screwed together tightly. this method is x1000 times better than using a tiny funnel because the two pieces become one. you can lift up the glass bottle by the plastic water bottle top.

I like to hold the "device" between my knees and physically watch the liquid fill the glass container. You must pour very slowly. The biggest mistake that can happen is pouring too much. Nothing can protect against that. Once the glass container is filled you can carefully unscrew the tincture and cap it.

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