Natural Medicine is a social media platform for enthusiasts of natural health; from herbalism and essential oils, food as medicine, meditation and spirituality - as well as the relationship of human beings to the natural world through wild-crafting, permaculture and other 'healthy' earth centered practices.

Many healing modalities are supported from ayurveda to TCM, qi gong and yoga, as well as homesteading community members who might invest in organic principles or grow plants such as herbs and cannabis as medicine and food. Please read some of the posts, which provide more information about what kind of topics are supported. They are written by our bloggers, for our bloggers.

Our platform enables users to reward and earn LOTUS by publishing or interacting with others on the platform. This token or coin can be exchanged for HIVE (the token for the HIVE blockchain)and into mainstream currencies such as USD. Whilst rewards are a bonus, many of our users appreciate the interaction they have with others who share similiar interests.

Natural Medicine offers free accounts to new users. Simply email us at at with a short explanation of why you'd like to join our platform, and a potential username or two. Please allow 24 hours for account processing - we are very much human! You will then recieve a PDF with your passkeys, which you must keep secure as they allow you to access any earned funds, post and perform any other transactions on the blockchain.

If you already have a HIVE account, you do not need a new account on

Once you have signed in, you will then be able to use the same keys to sign in to any of the HIVE front ends, such as Peakd, which we recommend for non natural medicine related content, saving drafts and more. We call these various ways to interact with the HIVE blockchain 'front ends' and 'dapps' or decentralised apps. There's something on the HIVE blockchain for everyone!

Below you'll find some more information about the various intricacies of Natural Medicine, it's reward system, and its link to the HIVE platform. For more information, please feel free to join our Discord by clicking here. There is always a friendly person to help you out!

Let's start by sharing some posts which provide answers to common questions.

Below you'll find a wealth of information about and the HIVE blockchain. Remember, if you need further help, all you have to do is join our Discord. Whilst Discord isn't affiliated with the HIVE blockchain or Natural Medicine, it's a great place to connect and ask for help. It's really easy to create an account, and you can use it on your mobile or your browser.

Earn for Writing Natural Health Content

Whilst earning is not guaranteed and dependent on the quality of your content and interacting with others, there are many ways you can earn LOTUS on

  • Earn by choosing to post your related content. By posting here, you'll see an automatic upvote by one of our community accounts..
  • Join in our challenges which reward in both LOTUS and HIVE
  • Look out for our whale account @uplotus, which rewards excellent content and reshares (commonly called 'reblogging' your post to users)
  • Have a chance to be curated in 'best of' posts which are collated weekly by our lotus curators for further exposure.
  • Write for us on various natural health topics.

We also share the best of the best on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, giving your blogs even more exposure.



Payouts are made 7 days after the post/comment is created. You can claim your rewards in your wallet after 7 days. The projected payments may fluctuate (up and down) until the final payment amount is reached. Payments for posts are split between the author (at least 50%) and the curators (up to 50%). The author reward is paid 50% in Lotus Power and 50% in LOTUS by default. This mirrors HIVE's payment system. Authors also have the option to decline payout, or be paid in 100% LOTUS! You can also set beneficiaries on your posts, meaning that part of your rewards will go to other users you might like to support.


Upvotes and Downvotes

Upvotes are Natural Medicine's way of saying you like someone's post or comment. To upvote, click on the Upvote icon at the bottom of the post/comment. This will reward the post with LOTUS. If you also have HIVE invested, it will upvote in HIVE too. Notice that comments and upvotes on Natural Medicine will also appear on the other front ends. Don't worry if you get a downvote - they are rare, and usually countered by upvotes.

Our accounts will warn you if they're going to downvote you, and we only downvote if you've plagiarised or wrote a really terrible post just for the rewards! Be mindful about the quality we expect and read more about our posting guidelines here. We're happy to negotiate with you should you recieve a downvote you think you don't deserve - simply pop into our Discord and ask there.


What is Curation?

Up to 50% of the reward for each post goes to the people who upvoted on it. These people are called Curators. The more LOTUS Power you have in your account, the more your votes will be worth, and the more potential curation rewards you can earn! As you engage with the curation process, you’ll learn tricks to earn more. Upvoting and downvoting are part of the curation process.


HIVE, HIVEPOWER, HBD and LOTUS - What Do They Mean?

HIVE is the primary token of the HIVE Blockchain and often a reward on posts. Lotus is our token, and exchangeable for HIVE.

When you publish and engage on, you’ll also be earning HIVE rewards. If someone on another HIVE frontend like PEAKD upvotes you, you will earn the token they have staked (or invested. If you’re not sure how to ‘stake’ the tokens you have earnt, read this post).

HIVEpower or LotusPower is also a reward on posts. Exchanging HIVE for HIVE Power is called "Powering Up" or "Staking". More 'HIVE' or 'lotus' power is good! You will then:

  • Have greater voting power (STU),
  • Receive more curation rewards when voting,
  • and be able to do more actions (transactions) on the blockchain having more 'Resource Credits'.

If someone delegates to you (either HIVE or Lotus) you'll also have a little bit more 'power' whilst that delegation is activated. It's like being lent more cash to play with - and it can be taken back any time.

Hive Dollars is another HIVE token which is often rewarded on posts. You can send these to your bank account via a cryptocurrency wallet. Read more about that here. Link Coming

In your LOTUS wallet on, claims are automatic. You might like to exchange LOTUS for HIVE in Steem Engine. Currently, there are a few changes that mean we still need the old 'engine' that was is associated with Steem. Remember what we said about using the same keys for everything on the HIVE blockchain? The same applies here - but only if you previously had a STEEM account - if your HIVE account is brand new, you will have to create one. In Steem Engine, you can find out which tokens you hold, which you have invested or ‘staked’ (or ‘powered up’). You can also claim your earnt tokens in SteemEngine, as well as sell them and buy other tokens, or buy HIVE. You can then exchange your HIVE and HBD for bitcoin on a third-party exchange such as Ionomy, or power it up so that you earn more HIVE!


Everything You Need to Know About the HIVE Blockchain

If you'd like to know more about HIVE and how it works, we suggest you click here, which will redirect you to the Welcome Pages of HIVE.

A Final Disclaimer

It's important to note that any third party apps we've referenced here, or the content that might appear on, is not necessarily endorsed by Natural Medicine as a whole.

We encourage everyone who might be reading any medical advice based on content that appears on Natural Medicine to exercise caution, do their own research, and consult a medical professional.