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It is a little difficult for a busy mind or an extremely ideal mind to get sleep. In both cases insomnia is experienced. For a busy mind, there are so many thoughts running across the mind and one is so self occupied in these thoughts that it becomes difficult for a person to get sleep, whereas for an ideal mind, who has nothing much to do will also experience similar patterns.
Thankfully Yoga has solutions to all of these problems, only if one follows it consistently, else again doing it just for 1 or 2 days and expecting miracles to happen does not work.


So let's see what are the Yoga poses to tackle insomnia:

  • First of all, close your eyes and consciously quiet your thoughts down. They will come, but let them pass, do not hold on to them and allow them to build up. Because if you do that you will remain entangled in it. Think of it in a way that does this thought really change anything for me at this point of time, the answer will always be NO, so then let it pass. No problem or worry has been resolved by just thinking and worrying about it.

  • With your head on the right side, lie down on your stomach. Your right cheek should be touching the pillow. With this what happens is the left nostrils breathing opens up. Take a few deep breaths for around half a minute, you will feel calmness. Once you are comfortably set in this position now close the right nostril with your hand and keep breathe in deeply with your left nostril and breathe out from right, again close the right side breathe in from left and then breathe out from right. Like continue doing it for a minimum of 10 to 15 times.

  • After sometime you will start feeling drowsiness and you will find yourself getting calmer and falling asleep. In this time you can change the position to your normal sleeping position. Sleeping for a long time on your stomach is not very healthy as it creates a lot of pressure on your back and neck. Hence one should avoid sleeping on stomach for longer durations.

  • The left nostril breathing will control the nervous system, hence one settles down with this.

And of course with this one needs to be mindful about other conditions like not having a very heavy meal at night or drinking too much water before sleep, as this will again be a cause for your disturbed sleep.

It is very important for our body to get a good healthy sleep. Our whole day mood and energy depends on how well we sleep at night. Lack of sleep also creates a lot of digestion problems and weakens our immune system. When we have not had a good sleep we will see the change in behavior for the day, will feel stressed out, energy level is low and there will be lethargy set in.

A good sleep is very important for our overall physical and mental health and wellness. Specially in these times when there is so much anxiety around all the more it is important.

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Thanks for sharing this with us. I am glad you found success with yoga. Insomnia is a brutal condition, and something I've dealt with in my life on and off. I found a post of a fellow Hiver who also suffers from insomnia. I included his post in the curation, as he is looking for any advice or tips. Perhaps you can help.

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There are many ways to tackle insomnia. Yoga helps in the best manner. The worst one to fall back on is taking sleeping pills, which one should never do, because once you get addicted to it then you will never be able to get onto a natural sleep pattern.